Sizzle Experience Video

Need to get them in the door?  A Sizzle Experience Video gives the viewer the experience of being there, and motivates them to come.

  • We capture short clips of the experience of being there.
  • Edit it together with music, text, and even testimonials.

Ideal for:  Auto shops, consumer services, entertainment, fitness, restaurants, retail shops and photographers.  If you’re providing a one-of-a-kind experience, a Sizzle Experience Video is right for you.

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All videos include:

  • Professional high-definition equipment to produce a superior product.
  • Production done at your location or at CN Studios.
  • All necessary release forms.
  • Proper licensing for all materials used, including music and stock footage.
  • Backup and archiving of projects for later use.
  • We are fully-insured.

We offer a full range of video services, from full-service video production to video editing and studio rental.

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