Presentation Capture

Presenters spend so much time preparing to give a presentation, yet only those who attended get to see and hear what was said.  And once the event is over, attendees walk away with only what they can remember.  Capturing the presentation on video is a great way to:

  • Share or sell the presentation for those who could not attend your event.
  • Provide the content for those who did attend.
  • Keep your presentation available to others long after the event is over.
CN Video will:
  • Use multiple cameras to make sure we don't miss a thing.
  • Capture audio directly from the microphone.
  • Edit footage to incorporate PowerPoint slides from the presentation.
  • Provide the full video presentation and broken into short segments for easy uploading and viewing on YouTube and your web site.
Also ask us about demo reels and event promotional videos.

Ideal for:  Accountants, insurance, lawyers, health care professionals, anyone giving a presentation or seminar, and professional public speakers.

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All videos include:

  • Professional high-definition equipment to produce a superior product.
  • Production done at your location or at CN Studios.
  • All necessary release forms.
  • Proper licensing for all materials used, including music and stock footage.
  • Backup and archiving of projects for later use.
  • We are fully-insured.

We offer a full range of video services, from full-service video production to video editing and studio rental.

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