Knowledge Transfer Videos

Concerned about losing key employees?  As employees retire or leave the company, the knowledge that they've acquired over time may be lost.  CN Video captures that knowledge on video for current and future employees.

  • We work with the employee to plan and capture a series of lunch and learn sessions.
  • Incorporate slides and other visuals in the videos.
  • Provide the videos as full lessons as well as short reference clips for deployment to others in your organization.
  • (Optional) We can even help ensure more detailed written documentation to accompany the videos is created.

Ideal for:  Large or small organizations that need to retain their intellectual property before key employees leave the company.


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All videos include:

  • Professional high-definition equipment to produce a superior product.
  • Production done at your location or at CN Studios.
  • All necessary release forms.
  • Proper licensing for all materials used, including music and stock footage.
  • Backup and archiving of projects for later use.
  • We are fully-insured.

We offer a full range of video services, from full-service video production to video editing and studio rental.

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