Super Manager Resource Center

Welcome to the CN Video Super Manager Resource Center, for those who feel the weight of the company on their shoulders.

Here you’ll find some great information specifically for you, about the hiring process for your organization or department.  “Easy Come, Easy Go”, how to smoothen the transitions for employees coming and going.  And other ideas to consider during the entire employment lifecycle.

  • Effectively onboarding and training employees.
  • Communicating across the organization or department.
  • Knowledge capture and transfer (retaining employee’s knowledge when they walk out the door, sharing it with others, any time, anyone).

Things that will help you provide consistency, and improve performance, stability, and overall experience.


It’s often a struggle to provide continuity in the employment life cycle.  New employees are hired and need to be brought up to speed, and veteran employees retire or move on, and capturing their knowledge is difficult.  At CN Video, we’re the experts in converting employee manuals and the on-boarding process to video, creating training videos, and capturing knowledge so it can be transferred to anyone, any time, as many times as needed.

Make sure that you check out our “Easy Come, Easy Go” book for smoother transitions.  Learn More.


Applicant Feedback Video.  Replace your applicant rejection letter with an applicant feedback video.  Because the voice in their head may not be as kind as yours.

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Scouting Video.  Give prospective employees a preview of the company culture and what existing employees like most about the work environment.

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Orientation & Onboarding Video.  Welcome new employees, acclimate them to the environment, set expectations, and set them up for success.  Include highlights from your employee handbook.

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Training Video.  Efficiently provide more consistent training.  Increase quality of work, loyalty, and success.

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Communication Video.  Share corporate announcements, plans and updates.  Help employees feel more involved and informed.

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Knowledge Capture & Transfer.  Knowledge Transfer is good; Knowledge Capture is better!  Capture and retain employee knowledge in explainer and demonstration video.  For anyone, anytime.

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According to the Talent Board Web site, the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards competition “exists to enable any company to benchmark and improve their candidate experience. Any corporation that is interested in enhancing the candidate experience they provide, regardless of sophistication, will benefit from participating in the benchmark process“.

This is a great tool to help your company improve your candidate experience in the hiring process.

  • VideoPalOOza

    Twice a year, CN Video opens its studio doors and invites individuals and businesses to record your videos, including employee bios and introductions, video resumes, FAQs, video blogs, recommendations and testimonials. These events, called VideoPalooza, occur over a 3-day period.

    By recording your video(s) during one of these events, you’re able to pool resources, such as studio time, with other individuals. You receive a drastically reduced price for a professional high-end video.

    Next VideoPalOOza: January 7-9, 2019

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