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CN Video Production offers a wide range of video services, from full-service video production to video editing, workshops, and studio rental.  Some of our more popular video products are listed below.  Feel free to browse and view examples.

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Bulk Video - Easy, Cost Effective, Great Visibility

Need several simple, short (1-minute) videos at a great price?  A Bulk Video may be your solution.

  • You decide what you want to say.
  • CN Video will produce the videos with a discounted rate for multiple videos.  (The more videos you do, the lower the cost per video.)
  • You just read your scripts from our teleprompter... We'll do the rest.

Ideal for:  Informational shorts, key employee bios or introductions, video blogs and tips, testimonials (success stories), announcements, and more...

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Custom On-Boarding Videos - Save Time, Improve Relationships

Need to present a clear and consistent message to new employees or clients?  A custom on-boarding video can help.

Ideal for:  Any organization wanting to help ease the transition of a new employee or customer.  Show them how to work more effectively and have a more positive experience.

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Custom Web Video - Targeted, Professional, Effective

A highly custom, targeted video that will leave a positive impression with your customers and visitors, putting the spotlight on your message.

  • CN Video Production prepares a video concept and design for your approval.
  • We create a production plan, and use all professional equipment for a targeted and superior product.

Ideal for:  Any small to medium-sized business who wants an impressive video designed just for you and your target market.

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DIY Project Testimonials - Credibility & Trust at a Low Cost

Do you have a camera or smart phone and want to cut the cost of producing your project testimonial video?

  • CN Video will provide you with instructions on how to take you own photos, clips and customer interviews for the video.
  • We then use your clips to create the video... at a fraction of the cost.
  • The video can be used on your Web site, social media site, trade show booth, newsletters... and CN Video will help you share the video with your customer, so they can share it with their family, friends and co-workers.

Ideal for:  Contractors, landscapers, auto shops and other consumer services.

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Easy Web Video - Easy, Professional, Effective

There are so many benefits to having video on your web site, but not everyone has the time, budget, or experience with technology to jump in and get one done.

  • We come to your location to interview you and capture footage.
  • It takes less than a day.
  • You don't need any prior video knowledge.

Ideal for:  Any small to medium-sized business who wants a nice welcome video or testimonials for their home page.  (Not recommended for a home-based business).

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How It’s Made Video (Slide Story) - Fun to Watch, Builds a Personal Connection

Do you manufacture or hand make your product?  A How It's Made (Slide Story) Video shows the craftsmanship of what goes into what you do.

  • We capture short clips of your process.
  • Use music, captions, and optionally voice.

Ideal for:  Artists, crafts persons, auto shops, contractors, inventors, landscape services and manufacturers.

Note: For the do-it-yourselfer, we offer a workshop on shooting your own video.  You provide the footage and we'll do the editing.

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Knowledge Transfer (Intellectual Property) Videos - Well Planned, Re-Usable, Manages Risk

Concerned about losing key employees?  As employees retire or leave the company, the knowledge that they've acquired over time may be lost.  CN Video captures that knowledge on video for current and future employees.

  • We work with the employee to plan and capture a series of lunch and learn sessions.
  • Incorporate slides and other visuals in the videos.
  • Provide the videos as full lessons as well as short reference clips for deployment to others in your organization.
  • (Optional) We can even help ensure more detailed written documentation to accompany the videos is created.

Ideal for:  Large or small organizations that need to retain their intellectual property before key employees leave the company.

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Presentation Capture - Informative, Professional, Lasting

Presenters spend so much time preparing to give a presentation, yet only those who attended get to see and hear what was said.  And once the event is over, attendees walk away with only what they can remember.  Capturing the presentation on video is a great way to:

  • Share or sell the presentation for those who could not attend your event.
  • Provide the content for those who did attend.
  • Keep your presentation available to others long after the event is over.
CN Video will:
  • Use multiple cameras to make sure we don't miss a thing.
  • Capture audio directly from the microphone.
  • Edit footage to incorporate PowerPoint slides from the presentation.
  • Provide the full video presentation and broken into short segments for easy uploading and viewing on YouTube and your web site.
Also ask us about demo reels and event promotional videos.

Ideal for:  Accountants, insurance, lawyers, health care professionals, anyone giving a presentation or seminar, and professional public speakers.

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Sizzle Experience Video - Easy, Fast-Paced, Exciting

Need to get them in the door?  A Sizzle Experience Video gives the viewer the experience of being there, and motivates them to come.

  • We capture short clips of the experience of being there.
  • Edit it together with music, text, and even testimonials.

Ideal for:  Auto shops, consumer services, entertainment, fitness, restaurants, retail shops and photographers.  If you’re providing a one-of-a-kind experience, a Sizzle Experience Video is right for you.

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Time Lapse Testimonials / Project Showcase Video - Great Visibility, Build Reputation

Do you have a visually interesting upcoming project and benefit from a good reputation and referrals.  A Time Lapse Testimonial (Showcase) Video:

  • Captures before, time-lapse of during, and after the project.
  • Includes customer success story (testimonial).
  • Displays your branding and contact information.
  • Use it on your Web site, social media site, trade show booth, and give it to your customer as a "showcase" of their project that they can share with their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors

Ideal for:  Contractors, landscape services, artists, crafts persons, auto shops, cleaning services and consumer services.

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Workshops - Hands On, Informative, Fun

Want to do some of your own video?  CN Video provides hands-on workshops to get you on track.

  • Shooting Better Footage
  • Video Visibility - Getting Your Video Out There
  • Custom workshops and on-site consulting services also available.

Ideal for:  Individuals and organizations interested in improving their video techniques.

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Editing Services - Easy, Professional, Cost Effective

If you have video footage or want (or need) to capture your own, CN Video Production can edit your footage and provide the finished product.

  • Send us your footage, images and slides.
  • Tell us what you want.
  • We'll return a finished, polished video to your satisfaction.

Ideal for:  Organizations that want or need to shoot their own footage, including contractors, real estate agents, consumer service providers...

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Studio Rental - Simple, Professional, Full-Service

CN Studios is a full-service video production and photography studio.

  • Full-length green screen.
  • Full-length white screen.
  • Professional lighting.
  • Enclosed sound booth.
  • Rent per day, per half-day or hourly.

Ideal for:  Photographers, videographers and any individual wanting to capture their own footage in a professional setting.

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All videos include:

  • Professional high-definition equipment to produce a superior product.
  • Production done at your location or at CN Studios.
  • All necessary release forms.
  • Proper licensing for all materials used, including music and stock footage.
  • Backup and archiving of projects for later use.
  • We are fully-insured.

Want some ideas more custom-suited to you?  Let’s do a complimentary consultation.  Contact CN Video at (314) 843-3663 for more information.


Twice a year, CN Video opens its studio doors and invites individuals and businesses to record your videos, including employee bios and introductions, video resumes, FAQs, blog entries, recommendations and testimonials.  These events, called VideoPalooza, occur over a 3-day period.

By recording your video during one of these events, you’re able to pool resources, such as studio time, with other individuals.  You receive a drastically reduced price for a professional high-end video.

It includes:

  • Your own “prep” app with advice, examples, and a practice teleprompter to help you prepare for your video.
  • Professional cameras, lighting, and microphones for superior quality video.
  • Teleprompter during the shoot for easy recording.
  • Video background and background music of your choice.
  • Professional editing.
  • Video visibility and launch guide on more views for greater success.

Click on the button below to see when the next event is scheduled, get current pricing information, and sign-up to do your video.