CN Video Employment, Management & Business Resource Center

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a super power at work?  Be that person that everyone knows they can count on.  Never skips a beat.  Never let’s people down.  Always comes through.

  • Maybe you manage a department, lead or hire people.
  • Or maybe you’re a business owner or president with real leadership responsibilities.
  • Or an office manager who REALLY makes things happen.
  • A leader or volunteer at a non-profit organization trying to make a difference.
  • Or someone still trying to land that perfect position.

It’s important to you to BE that super hero. And you’re not alone. This resource center is for you.

Helping you keep up with new ideas, tools, and changes in marketing, social media, hiring, training, technology, leadership and management techniques and tools… so you can utilize or recommend the best ideas for your organization.

  • VideoPalOOza

    Twice a year, CN Video opens its studio doors and invites individuals and businesses to record your videos, including employee bios and introductions, video resumes, FAQs, video blogs, recommendations and testimonials.  These events, called VideoPalooza, occur over a 3-day period.

    By recording your video(s) during one of these events, you’re able to pool resources, such as studio time, with other individuals.  You receive a drastically reduced price for a professional high-end video.

    Next VideoPalOOza: January 7-9, 2019

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