Level UP! Employment, Management & Business Resource Center

Everyone wants to improve and advance, or Level UP.  This includes:

  • People looking to Level UP in their career.
  • Businesses ready to take it to the next Level.
  • Managers who want to increase performance Levels.

This Resource Center provides information, resources, and perhaps inspiration for those who want to advance in business and/or career.


Twice a year, CN Video opens its studio doors and invites individuals and businesses to record your videos, including employee bios and introductions, video resumes, FAQs, blog entries, recommendations and testimonials.  These events, called VideoPalooza, occur over a 3-day period.

By recording your video during one of these events, you’re able to pool resources, such as studio time, with other individuals.  You receive a drastically reduced price for a professional high-end video.

It includes:

  • Your own “prep” app with advice, examples, and a practice teleprompter to help you prepare for your video.
  • Professional cameras, lighting, and microphones for superior quality video.
  • Teleprompter during the shoot for easy recording.
  • Video background and background music of your choice.
  • Professional editing.
  • Video visibility and launch guide on more views for greater success.

Click on the button below to see when the next event is scheduled, get current pricing information, and sign-up to do your video.