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CN Video has done extensive research on what HR and hiring managers expect from a video resume.  In addition, we continue to stay on top of important trends and hiring practices.

With the growing popularity of social networking and the changes in demographics and the economy, hiring practices are also changing.  Recruiters take more care in hiring the right candidate, since the alternative can be so costly.  Companies now have more electronic information available on potential candidates.  This means, your social networking sites are being viewed by potential employers.  As a job seeker, it’s important for you to use today’s technology to your benefit.


89% of HR professionals would view a video resume, yet only 17% have received one.

With the growth of social media and the changing economy, recruiters search the web to learn more about candidates and make better hiring decisions.

People are 7-10 times more likely to view a video then to read an article or profile.

The process of creating a video resume helps prepare you for networking and interviewing.

A good Video Introduction allows MORE people to SEE, HEAR, and REMEMBER you.

A good video resume can assist job seekers to effectively market themselves if it’s done right.  CN Video Resumes produces professional video resumes and introductions to help you market yourself or your services.  We offer easy and affordable base packages, as well as custom solutions.  And we guide you through the process.


Twice a year, CN Video opens its studio doors and invites individuals and businesses to record your videos, including employee bios and introductions, video resumes, FAQs, blog entries, recommendations and testimonials.  These events, called VideoPalooza, occur over a 3-day period.

By recording your video during one of these events, you’re able to pool resources, such as studio time, with other individuals.  You receive a drastically reduced price for a professional high-end video.

It includes:

  • Your own “prep” app with advice, examples, and a practice teleprompter to help you prepare for your video.
  • Professional cameras, lighting, and microphones for superior quality video.
  • Teleprompter during the shoot for easy recording.
  • Video background and background music of your choice.
  • Professional editing.
  • Video visibility and launch guide on more views for greater success.

Click on the button below to see when the next event is scheduled, get current pricing information, and sign-up to do your video.