Benefits of Background Music

When it comes to video you may not have thought about whether or not music makes a difference. But it actually is a pretty important factor to consider. Today I’ll talk about the some of the benefits and best uses of background music.

You’ve probably watched a video that didn’t have background music. (this one for example)

It probably sounds ok if you don’t have anything to compare it to, but add a little background music.. and it adds interest to the video.

Notice the difference? Background music can keep people’s attention, make your video seem more lively, and set the tone of your video.
You can also remove the music from a section of the video… to emphasize what’s being said…

When adding music to a video, there are a few things to consider. Make sure it’s at an appropriate volume and doesn’t distract from the dialogue. During a long pause it’s okay to increase the volume a bit.

Also, be careful about using copyrighted music. This may mean you can’t use your favorite pop song, even if you’ve purchased the .mp3. If your video is for commercial use, you could be sued if you don’t have the proper licensing.

We subscribe to a music library which allows us the proper licensing to use music in our videos, and on our clients behalf. If you (or your production company) don’t subscribe to this type of service, make sure any music used is public domain and permits commercial use

We hope this was helpful and feel free to check out some of our other videos.

Three Ways to Get Camera Ready

No matter how easy I may make it look, being on camera is not effortless. There are a few things everyone should do before recording.

The single most important part of preparing to be on camera is practice. Read your script out loud in front of a mirror several times. Keep practicing until it feels less like you’re reading a script and more like you’re having a conversation. You may also want to invite family, friends or co-workers to watch and critique.

If you usually wear makeup, there’s no need to do anything different when you’re on camera. If you don’t usually wear makeup you may want to add a little bit of face powder just to reduce shininess, but keep it simple.

When deciding what to wear, you may want to avoid a plain white shirt because It can make your skin look washed out or tight patterns which are known to cause an optical illusion on camera.
And basically, make sure your clothes reflect a positive image. Consider who’s viewing the video and how you’d like for them to perceive you and your business.

Once you have decided what to wear, taken care of your makeup and practiced, practiced, practiced, you are ready to be on camera. Some people are perfectly natural on camera, but for other people it can be very awkward. Being comfortable with your script can help make this easier which in turn will make you appear more relaxed and professional to your viewers.

We hope this video helped give you a better idea of how to prepare to be on camera. If you have more questions, are preparing to be on camera and want to talk it through or you’re just thinking about having some video work done, give us a call at 314-843-3663. That’s 314 Video-me. Thanks for watching and I’ll be CN U on video.

How to get Professional Video on your Website Quickly and Easily

We all know that having video on your website is important. Google ranks websites with video higher in search results, allowing you more visibility to potential clients. And, once on your site, people are 64% more likely to use your services after viewing a video.

With that being said, there are a few different options for getting video on your website.

The first option is a custom web video. This is where we talk with you about concept & design, create a script, put together a production plan and come to your location to produce a well thought out custom video for your site.

Having a plan for your video is a great way to ensure that your message is properly conveyed to your viewer and typically costs less than Two Thousand Dollars.

If you are not ready to make that kind of investment or are on time constraints and want a quick and easy video for your website, you might want to consider an easy web video.

For this type of video, we come out to your location, interview you, capture footage and edit that together into an effective, interesting welcome video for your homepage.

This only takes a few hours of your time and costs less than $1000.

So in summary, if you know you need video and you want it custom and well planned, go with the custom web video. But if you are just looking to get your feet wet with a simple, quick and inexpensive video, then choose an easy web video.

Either way, both videos come with a video visibility guide that will help you get the video on your website. It also includes a list of other ideas – ways to really launch your video on social media, through email and out to the public.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to add video to your homepage. Or if you still aren’t’ sure exactly what you want to do give us a call at 314-843-3663 and we can brainstorm and toss some ideas around. Until next time, I’ll be CNU on Video.