Using YouTube to Boost your SEO

YouTube is more than just a site to host your video, it’s also the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Because of this, uploading your video to YouTube can significantly help your SEO.

Today, we are going talk about some tips to get your video to show up first when people search for your content.

First of all, pick a good title for your video. Think of the title as a headline that helps your audience understand your content. Your title should be short and contain words that will capture people’s attention.

You can have up to 200 searchable characters in your title, but less than half of those are shown in the search results. So, make sure your important keywords are in the first 60 characters.

The next important element to maximizing your video’s SEO is its description. Your description is searchable text that describes what your video is about. Make sure the most important information is in the first two sentences since this is what appears below the title in any search.

Your video’s description is also a good place to include links to your web and social media sites.

Another great place to add searchable keywords is in your video tags. Make sure you put the most important keywords first. Use longer tags as they are less competitive and more likely to drive your specific audience to your video. For example, instead of “Video Production” put “Corporate Video Production” that way you’re more likely to be found when someone searches for your specific services.

You can use as many tags as you want, but keep in mind the more words you use, the less relevance you get on each word.

We’ve talked about thumbnails in other blogs, but they are worth mentioning again because the right thumbnail attracts greater audience numbers to your video.

If you have a graphic artist on staff and you’d like to create your own thumbnails, we have more specific information on how to do that in other videos. Here at CN Video, we also offer custom thumbnail creation for our clients.

CN Video also offers a transcription service to clients for your video which is searchable and can lead viewers to your content.

YouTube uses speech recognition to automatically create a transcript of your video. However, since the speech recognition is only about 70% accurate, this transcription is not searchable.
We recommend correcting YouTube’s transcription or uploading your own so it will be accurate and searchable.

Finally, since the amount of interaction a video gets helps its placement in search results, you’ll want to post it where people will see it. Since Facebook has taken over as the most popular place to watch videos, putting your video on your Facebook page will help your SEO on YouTube.

We hope this video has been helpful. If you have any additional questions or want further explanation on any of these tips, give us a call at 314-843-3663. That’s 314-Video Me.

How to use QR codes effectively

You’ve probably seen this image before on store windows or posters and may or may not have not known what it was. Well, it’s a QR code, and recently they’ve lost popularity due to improper usage. So today I’ll talk how you can use a QR Code effectively, and some other alternatives.

QR stands for quick response. A QR code can be scanned with your mobile device to get more detail about a particular item or service in a timely manner.

To create a QR code is really simple. Just Google “QR code generator” and insert the link to your video. Once it’s ready, right click on the code to save it as a JPEG image.

Once you have the JPEG image, you can put the it on t-shirts, signs or other marketing materials. Be warned QR codes are notorious for providing useless information. Video is actually a great use for a QR code, so let them know what they’ll see when they scan the code.

To scan the code, you need a QR Scanner. But because of the decline in popularity, scanners may not be preloaded on mobile devices. So including instructions on your printed materials on how to download one. This will help give the viewers the tools they need to see your video.

The QR scanner can be installed on most mobile devices that have a camera. Just go to the app store and search for “QR code scanner” and download a free app. Then you can scan the code to play the video.

Not everyone understands QR codes and may not be willing to install an app on their device. Don’t worry; there are alternatives.
Displaying the URL link can also help make your video more visible. You’ll want to keep it short, so it’s easier to remember. For example if we wanted to share one of our driving tour videos, on printed materials the YouTube link is very cryptic and difficult to remember. However if we use, that’s easy to remember and easy to pull up on your mobile device.

We hope you found this useful. Feel free to check out some of our other videos, or if you have any questions, give us a call at 314-843-3663 that’s 314-Video Me. Thanks for watching and I’ll be CN U on Video.

How to get more value out of video using a playlist

If you have a series of related videos that you want to present together, or a long video you want to cut into shorter pieces, creating a playlist may be a good solution. Today I’ll talk about setting up a series of related videos using a playlist.

So what is a playlist? It’s a series of videos that play one after another from start to finish. For example we use a playlist for our blogs, but they’re also great for training videos, frequently asked questions, client testimonials… any series of related videos.

YouTube offers an easy way to create and manage your playlists through your “Video Manager.” To create a new one , click the “playlist” tab and select “new playlist.” Then find the videos you’d like to add and click “add to” and select the appropriate playlist. It’s that simple!

Once you’ve created a playlist and added videos, you can arrange the order they are played.
The viewer has the option of watching the list in the order you’ve set, or picking and choosing videos within the list.

Also, include a title and description for your playlists. To add them, just click on the little pencil icon to open the text edit.
Make sure the title tells viewers exactly what kind of videos they’ll see.

We hope this was helpful. Feel free to check out some of our other videos, and if you have any questions, just give us a call at 314-843-3663 that’s 314-VIDEO ME.