Video Resume FAQs

Q:  What is a Video Resume?

A video resume is a 1-3 minute video where you tell the potential employer about yourself by introducing yourself, giving your 30 second elevator speech, talking about or showcasing your skills and expience, and inviting the viewer to contact you.

It is not intended to replace the standard resume, it enhances it.   Include a link to your video resume from your standard resume and cover letter so employers can click and view.   It gives employers a taste of who you are that can’t be seen in your paper resume.

A good video resume can assist job seekers to effectively market themselves if it’s done right.

Q:  Why is having my video resume done professionally better than doing it myself?

CN Video has done extensive research on what it takes to make an effective video resume that benefits you, the job seeker, and the employer.  We use high definition video, high quality stereo audio, studio lighting, and a teleprompter to help you make good eye contact.

We have experience in the hiring process from both sides of the table, and we help you use the STAR methodology for behavioral interviewing to tell your story in a way that’s interesting and gives a good impression.   We also coach you on the use of confident body language.

You don’t have your uncle with the camera shoot your wedding photos, you hire a photographer.  It’s an important event, and you can tell the difference.  So why wouldn’t you hire a professional to do your video resume?  Don’t send something less than professional to a potential employer.  They can tell the difference.

Q:  What do I need to do to prepare for a video resume?

CN Video assumes you know nothing about preparing for a video resume.  We provide you with everything you need and guide you through the process.  No worries, we make it easy!

Q:  How do I get employers to view my video resume?

There are several good ways to distribute your video resume.

CN Video uploads your video to the internet and provides you with a link that you can distribute to others.  We give you a copy of your video, along with instructions on how to upload it to some of the more popular social media sites, and suggest ways to get others to view it.  We recommend adding a link to your resume and cover letter so potential employers can click the link to view your video.  We also suggest adding your link to your email signature block so anyone who receives email from you can view your video.

There are several things that can be done to get your video viewed by the right people, but no worries, we help you with that.

Q:  How long should my video resume be?

A good video resume should be between 1 and 3 minutes long.  Most people will watch up to 2 minutes without losing interest.  Anything over 3 minutes, and you risk the viewer giving up and not watching the entire video.

If your video resume is close to 2 minutes or more, we recommend adding a few features to add interest, such as background music, bullet points, splash screens, and photos of your work.  This helps to keep your viewer’s attention.

Q:  What do I say in my video resume?

Your video resume should be about 1 to 3 minutes long.  You’ll want to introduce yourself, give your elevator speech, describe your experience and skills, summarize why you’re a good candidate, thank the viewer for their time, and invite them to contact you.

All of our packages include an interactive video workshop that walks you through the process of deciding what to say.  It includes instructions and help writing your script, good examples of others, ways of keeping it interesting, and how to practice with confidence.  It’s important to include information that’s useful for the employer, and state it in a way that’s interesting for them to view.  We help you with that.

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