How to get Professional Video on your Website Quickly and Easily

We all know that having video on your website is important. Google ranks websites with video higher in search results, allowing you more visibility to potential clients. And, once on your site, people are 64% more likely to use your services after viewing a video.

With that being said, there are a few different options for getting video on your website.

The first option is a custom web video. This is where we talk with you about concept & design, create a script, put together a production plan and come to your location to produce a well thought out custom video for your site.

Having a plan for your video is a great way to ensure that your message is properly conveyed to your viewer and typically costs less than Two Thousand Dollars.

If you are not ready to make that kind of investment or are on time constraints and want a quick and easy video for your website, you might want to consider an easy web video.

For this type of video, we come out to your location, interview you, capture footage and edit that together into an effective, interesting welcome video for your homepage.

This only takes a few hours of your time and costs less than $1000.

So in summary, if you know you need video and you want it custom and well planned, go with the custom web video. But if you are just looking to get your feet wet with a simple, quick and inexpensive video, then choose an easy web video.

Either way, both videos come with a video visibility guide that will help you get the video on your website. It also includes a list of other ideas – ways to really launch your video on social media, through email and out to the public.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to add video to your homepage. Or if you still aren’t’ sure exactly what you want to do give us a call at 314-843-3663 and we can brainstorm and toss some ideas around. Until next time, I’ll be CNU on Video.

Showing your Project with a Testimonial (or Success Story)

If you’re a contractor, landscaper or any other service that creates a visible difference such as a room addition, remodel or redesign you probably want to show off your work.

When having an important project like this done, most people don’t want to hire someone just from a Google search. They want to know how others felt about working with you.

Showing off your work and allowing customers to give testimonials will increase your company’s Visibility and Credibility and a great way to do this is with a video.

One option is to hire a camera crew to be on site during the project that can take photos, time-lapse and video before, during and after the project and even capture a testimonial from your customer.
A video like this is very effective, but it can also be expensive depending on how long the project is. If your project only takes one afternoon, you may want have it done professionally. However, if it’s a lengthier project, it could end up costing you anywhere between two and three thousand dollars depending on the length and scope.

Another option is to do some of it yourself. We instruct you on how to capture your own pictures, videos and customer interviews using some of the same techniques that we do. We then use the materials you’ve gathered to put together the video at a fraction of the cost.

So, if you want something really high end for an impressive short-term project, you might want to go with the full service video. If it’s a long-term project or you are on a budget, you may want to go with the DIY option.

Either way, the end result is a professional and effective short video that shows the project from start to finish while your customer explains why they liked working with you and would recommend you.

You can use this video on your website, social media sites, tradeshow booth and give a copy to your customer so they can share it with their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

If you’d like to talk about these options or for more information on how to capture the project yourself give us a call at 314-843-3663. That’s 314-VIDEO ME. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and send some more information your way.

For more about the DIY Project Testimonials mentioned in this video, visit our website.