Case Study: DIY Video for Fundraising – Epworth Children and Family Services


CN Video Production and Epworth Children & Family Services


Epworth Children & Family Services is a non-profit organization that helps at-risk children in 4 ways:

  • Family abuse counseling
  • Emergency foster care
  • Placement for homeless teens
  • Education/career counseling for teens aging out of state custody

They were preparing for a fundraising event and needed an effective way to communicate their mission, vision, and values with limited resources and funds.


For their largest fundraising night of the year, Epworth wanted to create a visual showcase of one of their recent success stories. During this annual event they typically include a presentation to highlight the year’s milestones, to engage attendees and encourage donations.

Organizers were planning a slide show that incorporated images and video clips they had taken of Justin’s success story. However, they found it very challenging to really tell the story from a PowerPoint presentation. They reached out to CN Video for help within their tight timeframe and budget.

CN Video got the vision of what we were looking for. They understood what our intention was and the story we were telling.


CN Video offers a cost-effective DIY option for creating video. The client provides footage and other materials such as cell phone video, slideshows, photos, audio, etc. Then a professional looking video is created based on the client’s vision and instructions.

In Epworth’s case, the materials they provided were polished by CN Video, and advice was provided on a better way to record some of the narration that ultimately improved the quality of the video. CN Video created a quality, affordable presentation video that Kevin and Epworth were excited to share at their event and beyond.

The video had a direct impact on how much we raised that night, but it had a lingering effect on how people felt about Epworth.

Results and Conclusion

The Epworth team saw the effectiveness of the video when it grabbed everyone’s attention during the event. No one talked through the presentation as they had in previous years. Donor Relations received multiple compliments on the video long after the event was over.

The video made a powerful statement by clearly communicating the successes and struggles at the heart of Epworth’s work. By choosing a combination of DIY video and CN Video’s professional editing, they were able to dramatically increase the success of their fundraiser while staying within their budget.

View the case study as a PDF.

How lighting effects the mood of your video

Outdoor lighting produces a cool, blue tint, while incandescent light, like your basic house lamp give a warmer feel. Fluorescent lights fall in the middle of the color temperature spectrum. If you’ve never noticed this, stand near a window in your living room and look back and forth between the window (outside), and the inside of the room. You’ll notice a difference between the warmer color in the room (more yellow), and the bluer/cooler color outside the window.

So a few tips on how to USE color temperature to “set the mood” in your video.

First, avoid your typical office fluorescent lighting when shooting video with people, especially over 40. That color temperature is not very flattering.
Use warmer, incandescents for a friendly, soft, and comfortable feel. Perfect for an interview or testimonial.

There are also LEDs available which come in different color temperatures including warm white, cool white, and daylight. LEDs will cost a little more than your average bulb, but can be great for video.

We hope you enjoyed learning some basics of color temperature today. If you have questions about the subject, or any other video production needs, please give us a call.

Showing your Project with a Testimonial (or Success Story)

If you’re a contractor, landscaper or any other service that creates a visible difference such as a room addition, remodel or redesign you probably want to show off your work.

When having an important project like this done, most people don’t want to hire someone just from a Google search. They want to know how others felt about working with you.

Showing off your work and allowing customers to give testimonials will increase your company’s Visibility and Credibility and a great way to do this is with a video.

One option is to hire a camera crew to be on site during the project that can take photos, time-lapse and video before, during and after the project and even capture a testimonial from your customer.
A video like this is very effective, but it can also be expensive depending on how long the project is. If your project only takes one afternoon, you may want have it done professionally. However, if it’s a lengthier project, it could end up costing you anywhere between two and three thousand dollars depending on the length and scope.

Another option is to do some of it yourself. We instruct you on how to capture your own pictures, videos and customer interviews using some of the same techniques that we do. We then use the materials you’ve gathered to put together the video at a fraction of the cost.

So, if you want something really high end for an impressive short-term project, you might want to go with the full service video. If it’s a long-term project or you are on a budget, you may want to go with the DIY option.

Either way, the end result is a professional and effective short video that shows the project from start to finish while your customer explains why they liked working with you and would recommend you.

You can use this video on your website, social media sites, tradeshow booth and give a copy to your customer so they can share it with their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

If you’d like to talk about these options or for more information on how to capture the project yourself give us a call at 314-843-3663. That’s 314-VIDEO ME. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and send some more information your way.

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