Leveraging Best Onboarding Practices by Steve Finkelstein

Steve Finkelstein talks about some of the best onboarding practices and how to leverage them. Samantha Naes takes a few minutes to discuss how some companies are using video for company onboarding, department onboarding, and even project onboarding.

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Confident Body Language for Success

85% of what you communicate is not with words. It’s through the tone of your voice, the way you sit and a wealth of other messages that your body involuntarily sends.  Confident body language can make all the difference in how people perceive you, how they respond to you, and how you feel about yourself.

So how do you communicate confidence? 
Start with a real smile that engages your eyes by thinking positive happy thoughts.  Smiling not only makes you appear more confident and approachable, but can actually make you feel more happy.

Maintaining good eye contact shows respect and interest, so look others in the eye while speaking.   A good rule of thumb is 50% while speaking, and 70% while listening.

Use a relaxed and open stance (do not cross arms or legs). Relaxed shoulders (not tense) with limbs “hanging loosely”.  This show confidence and makes others feel comfortable as well.

Studies have shown that standing for 2-3 minutes in an open “power” stance (like the “wonder woman” stance, legs slightly spread apart, hands on hips, posture straight) can make you feel more confident, so consider starting your day with a good power pose.