How To Appear Natural Confident and Interesting on Video

Have you ever seen a stiff, boring video? Today we will discuss a few ways to avoid this from happening with some helpful tips on how to “Appear Natural and Confident on Video.”

A helpful tip in making a video come alive is sounding natural and confident on camera. The best way to do this is practice! practice! practice! Practice out loud in front of family and friends and get their input. But be warned, sometimes those who care about you the most are your worst critics. Simply take it with a grain of salt, and ask for constructive criticism and positive suggestions only.

Samantha Naes, Owner of CN Video Production, also recommends practicing out loud in front of a mirror so you can see and hear how you’ll come across on camera.

And here’s a little tip: one way to be more interesting is to overact a bit. Increase your energy and voice inflection to keep the viewer’s attention. Speak at an enthusiastic pace but pause when appropriate, giving the viewer time to think about what you’ve said.
To come across more cheerful, try associating something funny with a particular line in your script. For example, Sam may make a joke at a certain line during the shoot and later, when the person reading the script reaches that line, they’ll remember the joke and smile.

The biggest mistake people make is saying too much in a single video. Stay focused, and don’t repeat yourself. Leave the viewer wanting more and allow your video to make them want to contact you.

We hope this was helpful, feel free to check out some of our other videos. If you have more specific questions, give us a call, we’ll be happy to chat with you.

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